about me

my work
i didn’t start out making art.  i dabbled in all kinds of crafty things for years, but couldn’t find the one thing that called to me.  i worked in property management for many years, but i knew i should be doing something creative with my life.  after i lost my job to the economy, i ran across kelly rae roberts’ book, taking flight. i snatched it up, took it home and read it cover to cover.  it really spoke to me.  the whispers that she talks about, that’s what i was experiencing.  all this time, that’s what was going on.  this book let me know that whatever i was thinking…… imaging…… dreaming was all possible.  so, s started painting.  i finally found the one thing it was the whispers were trying to tell me.  i am now a mixed media artist.  i use collage, acrylic, watercolors, inks, oils, pastels, colored pencil, graphite, decorative papers, rubber stamps, markers and beeswax in my work.

where i began
i grew up in chattanooga, tennessee.  after high school, i started working for an advertising specialties company.  it was a small company, so i wore a lot of hats.  i did get to do some creative things in the job as well as regular “office type” duties.  after i left there, i moved into the property management field.  after nearly ten years and what i refer to as my burn-out, i left there to go back to college.  i moved to knoxville, tennessee and went to a huge, major university.  i always thought that’s what i wanted…..to go off to a major university, get a degree, blah, blah, blah, but once i got there, it never really felt right.  what was it that i was looking for???

after two years, I ended up moving back to chattanooga, got married and moved to atlanta to pursue bigger and better dreams.  i ended up back in property management…..sigh!  eventually, the economy got us both.  once again, we were back in chattanooga.  i am now a single parent with a beautiful, vibrant, energetic daughter, but my dreams are so much different, so much better, so much more like an old friend.

i started painting in june of 2010. iI’m still new to this and developing my skills and my style.  trying to find myself in layers (and layers and layers) of paint. iI have started to make this my life’s work.  i have opened an etsy shop, started a blog, set up a facebook fan page, been published in altered arts magazine, taught at a retreat and sold my work at many different art festivals.  i spend my days dreaming of what’s next for me and my creative business.  i have big, big dreams for the future.  i can’t wait to see what happens.


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